Business Acceptance Testing (BAT), (also known as User Acceptance Testing UAT), is the test phase where the business owners or clients of the software test the solution to verify that deliverables meet the original business requirements. A number of reoccurring issues can present during these finals stages and experienced resources can prove invaluable during these times.

Acceptance Model Office Testing

  • Poor requirements phase can lead to a great deal of contention between the customers and solution providers alike
  • Frequently BAT is completed by business teams who have no experience in software testing and they can struggle to get time to execute due to their day job
  • Acceptance test resources can struggle with test data and environments

At Exactest we’ve seen it all before. We believe early and continuous engagement of the customer throughout the delivery cycle coupled with a professionally led model is usually all that is required to deliver a positive acceptance test phase and build user confidence. No one can afford to lose the confidence of the customer.

Model Office Testing

Model Office Testing (MOT) is a test phase that can be run in a pre-production test environment where real life application usage is simulated as close to production as possible. Front and back office systems users and technical administrators alike perform their operational tasks in a series of time measured real-life based scenarios.

One of the main benefits of MOT is that it can allow organisations to transition large change programmes seamlessly and can prove that a new system is workable where each business department understand their operational tasks in advance of a production environment. MOT is particularly useful in data migration projects and large change programmes.

At Exactest we understand how to deliver Model Office Testing by engagement and involvement of all parties in a measured and calculated test process.

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