Exactest Performance Testing Service allows you to understand the speed of your application under normal baseline loads ramping up to varying and peak load conditions.

Our performance services are used to determine how your system will react to load conditions and to assess the breaking point of your software.

We can offer fixed priced time boxed Performance Testing Cycles (typically 6 weeks duration) which can be rerun at scheduled intervals in a cost effective and independent service offering.

Engage Exactest to Performance Test your Software

performance software
  • 1. Evaluating the correct performance testing approach & required software.
  • 2. Define your predicted load models.
  • 3. Define and setup test environment and required test data.
  • 4. Apply load using virtual users.
  • 5. Measure performance attributes including Response Times, and Monitoring application layers utilisation.
  • 6. Graph Results and correlate performance attributes.
  • 7. Help troubleshoot errors and bottlenecks and rerun where required.
  • 8. Draw Conclusions and Summarise Results into easy to understand report.

Performance & load testing services!

Define, Load, Measure, Repeat and Conclude using the Exactest Performance Testing Services.