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Functional Test Automation and Performance

Exactest is an authorised Value Added Reseller for SmartBear software and an official solutions partner of the Borland Silk Portfolio of test automation tools in Ireland.


Test automation can be positive when utilised to build automated regression suites of functional test cases which can be run quickly to give timely results and provide continuous regression.

Testing tools can be implemented to verify Web Services, Databases etc. long before a User Interface is available. While powerful and effective, continuous automated regression only holds true when managed and implemented correctly. Investment is required around tool sets, environments and maintainability. Without continuous investment, automated regression testing often gets needlessly shelved.

For many, test automation can be difficult to understand but with our guidance and implementation experience, let test automation be a positive experience for you.


Performance testing of applications is critical. Companies that understand how to deploy high performing applications can gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. Irreparable damage can be done to reputations of those who choose to ignore the importance of performance testing.

Exactest utilise performance test tools to load an application based on models of real life usage. While the tests are executing, key performance indicators capture attributes such as CPU Usage, Database Times and Response Times are captured and logged. Plotting and interpreting the results is as important as the performance test execution itself. Very often other teams such as Development, Database Administrators and Server Administrations are involved in the analyses of the results and drawing of conclusions.

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